Monday, 22 February 2010

Learning Agreement

On Wednesday 17th February we had our first meeting with our tutor Tash to discuss our learning agreements which had been submitted on the 15th. I received some positive feedback on my research topic and Tash was most interested in the concept of focusing on 'edges' and where edges 'meet' to signify Belfast's political history.

Tash referred to the quote I had included in my learning agreement, "Say a lot about a little, Not a little about a lot." The idea of concentrating on one concept and absorbing myself into it, rather than taking on too much. I feel like this quote is going to be referred to continually throughout this project to keep me focused on the overall goal.

I was advised to take on the theme of 'edges meeting' and apply it to every aspect of the project. Not only the subjects of the photographs but the way in which the photographs are cropped, displayed, rotated and presented. This will give the project more depth by creating meaning and narrative using the relationship between the photographs.

With this in mind I was advised to research the work of John Baldessari.

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